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The Two Types Of Friends On Vacation


The Two Types Of Friends On Vacation


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What is the best way to organize your vacations? When we go on trips with our friends, it’s not uncommon to encounter two types of personalities. Some like to wake up early in the morning and create a list of activities for the day, while others prefer to sleep in and go with the flow of the day’s events.

At first glance, you may not realize it, but you can easily classify your friends into these two categories when you’re on vacation. Some of your friends are organizers; they ensure everything is planned well in advance. On the other hand, your other friends may be more like improvisers, relying on intuition and spontaneity to guide the group’s activities.

Curious to know what type of vacation friend you are? Read the descriptions below and see which resonates with you.

The Organizer Friend:

An organizer friend thoroughly researches

When visiting a new place, your organizer friend will likely be the first to discover all the great spots in the area. They will find must-see attractions, uncover local delicacies that everyone must try, and compare prices to ensure the group gets the best value for their money. Traveling with an organizer is like having your own personal tour guide.

An organizer friend plans the itinerary effectively

Vacations are costly, and vacation days are limited. The organizer friend understands this and ensures the group spends more time seizing the day rather than waiting around or being disappointed by closed establishments.

Organizers use maps and opening hours efficiently, minimizing travel time between locations. They calculate optimal routes like mathematicians fine-tuning a formula to maximize enjoyment and minimize waiting and commuting time.

An organizer friend dedicates time to preparation

Perhaps the best quality of organizer friends is their commitment to thorough preparation. They remind the group to purchase tickets in advance and pack essentials well ahead of time.

Organizers keep the group running smoothly, reducing tension and stress by promptly addressing any issues that arise. While you may grumble when they wake the group at 4 am for a 9 am flight, you’ll thank them later when you’re not scrambling to buy phone chargers at the airport because you left yours at home.

The Improviser Friend:

An improviser friend adapts quickly to changes

While organizer friends meticulously plan months in advance, unexpected events like sudden closures or outdated information can throw a wrench into plans. Improviser friends excel at keeping the fun going despite these setbacks.

Improvisers rely on intuition and adaptability to steer the group towards new experiences. If a planned restaurant is unexpectedly closed, they’ll lead the group to a charming, off-the-beaten-path café that might turn out even more delightful than the original plan.

An improviser friend savors the moment

While the organizer friend focuses on getting from point A to point B, the improviser friend ensures everyone enjoys the journey. It’s natural to want to maximize a vacation by trying everything, but improvisers remind us that the goal is to savor every moment.

It’s okay if you can’t do everything on your list or if an enjoyable activity makes you run late for the next. Improvisers emphasize the importance of having fun in the present. If you’re enjoying sightseeing at historical landmarks, perhaps there’s no need to rush to an impromptu show on the other side of the city.

An improviser friend will connect with the people

Improviser friends are spontaneous, and much of this spontaneity stems from their ability to intuitively sense the group’s feelings in the moment. Because of this, they are more likely to forge new acquaintances or friends in the area, and you might even discover hidden gems or local secrets that aren’t widely advertised online or in guidebooks. Building direct connections with locals keeps you attuned to the area, providing a unique experience unlike that of typical tourists.

When you compare these two types side-by-side, each offers a distinct appeal to the vacation experience. However, having both types of friends ensures you get the most out of your journey. They are vastly different yet equally enriching in their contributions to your experience. Ultimately, it’s the people you’re with that make the trip worthwhile. Whether they are organizers or improvisers, ensure your vacations are spent with those you cherish the most.