Saturday, July 13, 2024
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5 Unique Floating Hotels For A Waterfront Experience

On top of the water, these five hotels will give you an experience unlike no other.

5 Interesting Races That Aren’t Just Cars Or Horses

Being a spectator at these five races is just as fun as being a part of them.

5 Board Games You And Your Friends Should Try Out In Board Game Cafes

These certified classics (and a few more obscure options) are sure to make your barkada galas even more fun.

How To Achieve “New School Year, New Me” For The Upcoming School Year

Change is difficult, but it’s all working towards a better you for a new school year.

When Should You Use A Backpack Or A Tote Bag

Face it, there are jobs better suited to a backpack. And same for the tote bag.

Alphabet Cities: Underrated Places To Travel From A To E

Why not take on a new challenge of going to different cities in alphabetical order?

Why Should You Start Using Digicams And Polaroids Again?

Taking photos on digicams and Polaroids feel that little bit more real.

6 Ways To Stop Being Influenced By “Budol” During Online Shopping

It might be difficult, but resisting the temptation to be “budol-ed” from online shopping can absolutely be done.

6 Reasons Why A Staycation Might Be Right For You

Sometimes a staycation might be the better choice in a situation.

5 Tree Houses That You Won’t Believe Are Real

Take a look at these five tree houses and see how interesting they are.

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