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“Momfluencers” Are In The Heart: The Favorite Filipina Mom Youtubers Of 2024


“Momfluencers” Are In The Heart: The Favorite Filipina Mom Youtubers Of 2024


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The vlogging industry in the Philippines is thriving, and “Momfluencers” have found a home within it.

A crucial but often unrecognized part of motherhood is looking out for fellow mothers and sharing stories and advice. Popularly known as “Momfluencers”, these mothers take the lead in nurturing a community of mothers. Here’s a list of favorite Filipina “Momfluencers” on YouTube from whom moms everywhere can gain wisdom.

Vien Iligan-Velasquez

Meet Vien Iligan-Velasquez, the vibrant face of mom vlogging, capturing daily family life with giggles. At twenty-seven, she juggles two adorable kids, Von Mavi and Alona Viela, alongside her own clothing line, MuyVien. From sleep tips for babies to organizing and looking fabulous, Vien’s content is your go-to guide for navigating motherhood with style and grace.

Kryz Uy

What once began as a collegiate website project has blossomed into Kryz Uy’s thriving career. Her content has consistently unlocked the realms of fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Now, with brand collaborations and a global following, she inspires millions with her chic style and infectious enthusiasm for life–all while making time for her family.

Via Austria

Known as ‘Mommy V’ to her subscribers, Via shares her shopping hauls and adventures with three children on YouTube. Her video library includes shopping for toys, clothes, and food. In addition, she documents home renovations, general cleanings, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of commercial shoots. This diverse content not only entertains but also offers valuable practical insights to viewers, making her a well-loved momfluencer.

Isha Borromeo

Isha Borromeo, or Nanay Isha, began her vlogging career back in 2011, creating beauty-related videos such as makeup tutorials and product reviews. In recent years, she has transitioned to producing engaging family and lifestyle content that portrays her daily journey through motherhood. From sharing her laundry routine and cooking recipes to documenting grocery restocking, viewers find a friend in Nanay Isha, whose tips and warmth resonate.

Kris Lumagui

Similar to Isha, Kris’s online videos began with her own take on intricate makeup looks, drawing inspiration from famous Filipina celebrities. Her audience continues to enjoy these videos, now complemented by a collection of travel diaries, tutoring sessions, and food preparations with her son. For informative and honest perspectives on family and life filled with enjoyment, Kris might just be your new favorite momfluencer!

These Filipina “Momfluencers” have carved out a unique niche on YouTube, creating content that resonates deeply with mothers everywhere. Their videos provide a mix of practical advice, heartfelt stories, and entertaining glimpses into their daily lives. By sharing their experiences and wisdom, they foster a supportive community that celebrates the joys and challenges of motherhood. Whether you’re looking for parenting tips, lifestyle inspiration, or simply a sense of camaraderie, these “Momfluencers” offer valuable insights and a comforting presence in the digital world.